Nashipai – daughter of Rani

Usually after cheetah mother leaves her cubs, they stay together for up to half a year. In a sibling group, brothers strongly rely on their sisters, as they are known to be more successful hunters. Rani (also known as Musiara area female) was among 10 Mara females, who have successfully raised cubs to independence in 2016, and one of the two 8-years old females, who have brought up cubs for the first time in their life. In the middle of December, the family members split, and all three cubs (one male and two females) started independent life. One of them is a young female Nashipai, whose name means Happy in Maa. Unlike cubs of the other females, cubs of Rani were roaming in the same area, splitting and reuniting for several times. Nashipai demonstrates hunting strategy typical for young cheetahs – after unsuccessful chases, she is checking bushes for hares and fawns.