New male coalition of 5!

This year began with a nice surprise – a male coalition of five males appeared in the Maasai Mara National Reserve. It consists of 3 pasts – two older males and three younger. The most interesting thing is that one of the younger males had a sister, with whom we observed him in August 2016. By November, he split with her and started independent life. By December 2016, he united with the other males and soon became a member of the largest cheetah male coalition ever observed in the Mara. Living in a group gives many benefits – from occupying and holding a large territory to bringing down large prey. Usually, cheetahs give up when encounter other predators, like leopards, but not this group. Recently, we observed them chasing away a female leopard, who resigns in the area. Being young and curious, males explore unusual objects they come across, like mating tortoises.