Fast Five and Warthogs

Cheetahs are opportunistic hunters and go for any available prey from hares to adult wildebeests. When the prey is small, the lucky hunter usually does not share it with the groupmates. Warthogs drive away lonely cheetahs but approaching a group of cheetahs fraught with opposite. Today, the Fast Five chased away an adult warthog, who have approached the group presumptuously at one meter. In 3.5 hours, not long before the sunset, they spotted a warthog family in over 300 m and initiated the hunt. While one was chasing a mother, the other one caught a piglet. He ate it almost alone and shared a piece with only one male. After the sunset, the group started moving towards the herd of Elands, and there is a chance that they will make a kill at night.


Fast Five in Courtship with Nasipai

Cheetah females can mate with different males. However, in the group of males, all individuals attempt to mount the female, which in fact, reduces chances of successful copulation. Sometimes, females manage to escape from a group of males, alone or with one partner and mate privately. Mating couple spends from one to three days, and copulation occurs usually at night. For the last few days, males of the biggest cheetah coalition – the Fast Five – split several times. There were two females in the area: pregnant Nora and Nashiai – Rani’s daughter, ready to come in eastrus. Cheetahs are induced ovulators, and most probably, meeting males induced estrus. Yesterday evening, all five together were searching for the female and today morning, have been spotted with Nashipai. During the daytime, they all were trying to mount her several times, but none of them succeeded. Previously, the split-up method gave opportunity to four out of five to mate with different females.


Pregnant Nora

To reduce energy costs, pregnant cheetah females hunt small prey: fawns and hares. However, old gazelles with poor vision and impaired smelling can become an easy target. Large prey requires more time for consuming and attracts attention of different kleptoparasites. Three days ago, pregnant Nora took down a fully-grown male of Thomson gazelle, crept up to him at 15 meters. Within half an hour, she ate a haunch, when a family of four warthogs appeared on the scene. Nora attempted to drive them away, but immediately after that, the animals turned the tables, and the warthog female chased the cheetah from the kill. Three other warthogs joined the chase. When Nora was far from the kill, the vultures, jackals and an adult male warthog approached it. Lying under the bush in 200m, Nora was watching the kill torn to pieces by vultures and two jackals sharing the piece with the male warthog. In half an hour, when nothing was left, Nora checked the spot.