Cheetah’ life challenges

Among different challenges, which cheetah males face in the wild, injuries are not uncommon. Males get hurt during intraspecific fights, interspecific encounters and hunting. Some wounds heal, leaving no scars. Some change the life of an animal forever, limiting its physical abilities and forcing it to adapt to a new lifestyle. Once being a part of a dyad called Sopa Boys, Kisaru (whose name means The One who Helps) was always assisted his coalition-mate: he hunted and shared meals with Kingamu (Accepting one), when the latter was limping, and cleaned Kigamu’s sores until they healed up. In June 2017, Kisaru got an injury caused deformation of the eyeball with the pulled down pupil, resulted in blindness of the left eye. However, Kisaru had participated in the joint hunts until he suddenly lost his coalition-mate. Despite the fact that he has been living alone for over four months, Kisaru keeps the same way of life, performing most of the activities at dask, successfully hunting and taking care of himself.