Lonely Mugi

In 2016, Miale raised two cubs to independence for the first time in her life. Two brothers were covering large distances, visiting different parts of the Maasai-Mara National Reserve and northern part of Serengeti, where mother had taken them. They were very successful hunters and caring partners. Unity of cheetahs lasts for their entire life. Members of a coalition can separate temporary for a short time, for example during courtship, but would re-unite later. Coalitionmates usually display anxiety, intensively searching and calling the partner. When we found Mugi alone and unsettled in the beginning of this year, we suspected that his brother had died recently. However, Mukiri was in the Mara Triangle at that time! Since January, we have been meeting Mugi in the Reserve, but it was for the first time today that we observed him at the Double Cross area. Sharing territory with a few male coalitions is challenging for singletons, and they become nomadic. We will be monitoring Mugi hoping that he might meet his brother Mukiri again.