Miale’s Son found a friend

Cheetah male coalitions usually consist of littermates, who can also accept unrelated individuals. Males, who lost their brothers, have more chances to form a new coalition or join the other group, than those who have been the only cub in the litter. However, in two cases single males joined unrelated males. Interestingly, in two cases, at least one male did not have littermates by the time of separating from the mother. In one case, Nora’s son spent some time with two sons of Imani. In the second case, Miale’s son united with a male, who could have recently lost his brother. A New coalition of two young males came to the Reserve in the end of December 2017, and until the end of January 2018, brothers have been spotted in different parts of the Reserve. We gave them ID numbers M81 and M82. Miale’s son was 18 months old when was spotted last with his mother. When Fast Five (5-male coalition) encountered Miale on 14 February 2018, her son appeared in the same area in a company of M81. It is difficult to say what had happened to M82 and for how long Miale’s son (M85) and M81 will stay together, but relationship between two males are very friendly, which gives a hope that these two males will form a life-long union. It will be beneficial for these young males as they have to share territory with the Fast Five coalition.