Mugi captured by 5 males

For single nomadic cheetah males, life becomes difficult when they come across cheetah coalitions. A group of 5 males has been controlling a large area, where single males had been observed before comfortably staying for days and weeks. Yesterday evening we left the Five males resting, but today they split. While one of them was spotted alone intensively calling, three other males were holding Mugi few kilometers away. Three males surrounded the bush, where Mugi was hiding, periodically trying to approach him. Attempts to attack Mugi were followed by a chain reaction in which all males were involved. Fights between males can be violent, and lead to injuries and even death of singletons. Two out of three attackers were targeting Mugi’s anogenital area biting it. Mugi was nimble enough to avoid severe injures, but could not escape. Several months ago, we observed very similar behavior of this male coalition when they have been holding a female Nashipai. She managed to escape at night, and there is a hope that Mugi will be able to get away without harm this night.