Mugi’s decision

This morning started the same way as it ended up yesterday, but with two exceptions: one of the missing members of a coalition joined the group, and Mugi became self-confident – he initiated several conflicts. The group spent over 24 hours in the same bush, and today, males were sleeping at a close distance from each other. Mugi had many opportunities to leave but most probably decided to stay with the males. It is known, that cheetah brothers can accept unrelated males if they are beyond 20 months. If finally Mugi will build bond with the 5 males, he will become an exception, because he is already 3 years old and the group consists of unrelated members. The last member of the coalition has been missing for two days now. We found him in 3,7 km from a group intensively calling and visiting those areas he had been with his coalitionmates. Exhausted, he was dozing, but as soon as the wind was over, he again was calling to different directions and listening attentively awaiting for the response. He was checking marking points that they had all marked before, and when could not find a fresh mark there, changed the direction of the search. Just after the sunset, we left him walking towards the group followed by a hyena. Thank you Anthony (Mara Sarova camp) for leading us to the male!Interestingly, it was the same male who had been lost in October!