Naretoi and her Sons

Naretoi, daughter of Kakenya, was born in 2014 and grew up together with her two sisters and the brother in the Mara Triangle and adjacent areas of the Serengeti National Park, where they spent significant time. Kakenya dedicated 19 months to her four cubs, passing her knowledge of successful hunting and ways of identifying and avoiding dangers. After Kakenya had left her cubs, littermates started exploring the Mara-Serengeti Ecosystem, at first as a sibling group, and in a few months, singly. Since late 2016, Kakenya’s son and one of his sisters, disappeared from the Mara, and most probably established themselves in Tanzania, while two sisters keep coming to the Mara Triangle. Moreover, both sisters, named Naretoi and Naserian, came to the Mara Triangle last year to give birth. For some time, both females have been seen with their litters close to each other. Last year, while traveling in Tanzania, Naretoi lost one cub, and since then, has two sons. They are about 9 months old and at this age, both strongly rely onto their mother, trying to keep visual contact with her and to follow each other.