Nebati’s Cubs Get Foxed!

While exploring the world, cheetah cubs learn from their mothers directly how to choose an appropriate prey, when and how to approach it and how to catch. They learn from her, how to behave in presence of enemies, competitors and conspecifics (representatives of the same species). They also learn from the mother indirectly, by interacting with different subjects and objects to the level, mother allows them. Starting from the age of 4 months, cheetah cubs try chasing everything (which mother lets), including jackals and bat-eared foxes (both harmless to a cheetah). At this age, it is more of a practice in hunting, however later, both species might become a prey of a cheetah, as is known for Serengeti. The following video, recorded at the Naboisho Conservancy and posted by Nirmalya Banerjee, is a great example of how the mothers regulates interaction between her offspring and the bat-eared fox. The latter was left behind without physical harm.