Rani across the Mara River

Rivers do not form barriers for cheetah movements, and some individuals 5 (4 males and a female) born in the Mara Triangle, after separation from their mothers, cross Mara River and established their territories in the Reserve. Occasionally, they visit the Mara Triangle. Out of two sisters born and raised in the Mara Triangle 10 years ago, one – Rani, at the age of 3 years crossed the Mara River and started exploring the Reserve. At the age of 5, she expanded her territory to the neighboring conservancies and
northern part of the Serengeti. Last year in September, at the age of 9, Rani crossed to the Triangle again and soon mated with a coalition of 2 males, but unfortunately lost the cubs. A few days ago, Rani crossed the Mara River again and now is roaming in the Triangle.