The maximum age of cheetahs in the Mara is 11 years for males and 13 for females. Rani (daughter of the famous Shakira) is one of the oldest females, who turned 12 this year. To date, Rani successfully raised only one litter – a male (who disappeared soon after littermales split) and two females: Neema and Nashipai. If the cheetah has health problems (e.g. injury, trauma, wound, dislocation), we monitor whether the animal can take care of itself – successfully hunt and avoid danger. Nature is the best manager, and it is better not to interfere. This was recently proved by Rani. When walking, she did not limp, but she experienced obvious discomfort when sitting or lying down, trying not to lean on her right hind leg. Despite having a problem for several days, she hunted successfully yesterday. Since the antelopes were higher up the slope, the female has adopted a smart strategy – she walked around the group of antelopes and, under the cover of bushes, approached them at a minimum distance, thereby reducing efforts of the chase.