Remembering Cheetahs


Today, I am happy to share this great news – we received a grant from the Remembering Cheetahs, which will facilitate our continued fieldwork. In behalf of our team, I would like to express my deep gratitude to Margot Raggett – the great wildlife photographer, inspirer and leader of the Remembering Wildlife book series, for supporting wildlife conservation, which became her passion and mission. Some years back, fundraising campaign organized by Margot, enabled us to print several thousands of wildlife conservation books “Let’s Go Wild” and donate them to thousands of kids in the schools of the Mara. Thank you Margot and everyone who participated in the Remembering Cheetahs initiative and made funding of wildlife conservation projects possible. We are proud to be supported by your team!
Today, our research team observed 9 cheetahs: Miale, Rosetta, Mkali and Mwanga, and in the late evening – Tano Bora. We did not have much time to spend with the biggest cheetah male coalition because of a heavy rain and the necessity to return to the research base before curfew. We will keep you posted on all the individuals we meet in the Mara!