Rosetta – Feeding and Protecting the Offspring


Among other savanna dwellers, who pose a danger to cheetah cubs, warthogs are not the least. When they get a chance to eat meat, warthogs drive away cheetahs from prey. Therefore, mothers have to prevent dangerous encounter by acting first. By watching the mother, cubs learn when it is right time to hide and when to act. Recently, Rosetta had to chase a big warthog male, who came too close to her three cubs. Hunting in the areas with high density of hyenas is challenging, and being a successful hunter, Rosetta provides the young with food at every opportunity, sometimes twice a day. The day before yesterday, she made two kills within 5.5 hours. In an hour after finishing an adult Impala, Rosetta caught a young one, and by the sunset, there was almost nothing left for the scavengers.