Since 2011 to date, we have observed four cheetah male coalitions (of two males each) in Sopa, successively replacing one another. At the beginning of 2017, a coalition of five males (Tano Bora) also briefly used that area. The current pair of males called Sopa Boys, named Olanyuani (Hardworking in Maa) and Olaretoni (The one who is willing to help) started using that area since April 2019. They spent significant time in the neighboring Serengeti and occasionally visit Keekorok area, where their home area overlaps with Tano Bora’s territory. Recently, we found Olanyuani and Olaretoni in Sopa patrolling the area, successfully hunting and eating an Impala and marking different objects before disappearing into the Serengeti until the next visit.