Tanzanian Siligi with cubs exploring Mara

Tanzanian cheetahs are always shy when they come to the Mara for the first time. With time, some of them establish their territories within the Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem and use certain safe routes. In new areas, females with cubs become extra vigilant and super careful. However, in familiar places, they are more comfortable and their cubs feel more relaxed, playing at a distance from the mother. Travelling through the ecosystem, females provide their cubs opportunity to explore different habitats and encounter with various creatures, including resource competitors, and learn survival strategies. Three-year old Siligi (Hope in Maa) had been raised in Serengeti, but after separation from the mother, became a seldom visitor to the Mara Sopa area. A few weeks ago, at Simba area of the Reserve she was shy, trying to keep her offspring away from the visitors, while at Sopa, she and her curious cubs are more tolerant to the vehicles.