Partners, Donors and Supporters

Mara-Meru Cheetah Project works in affiliation with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), Narok and Transmara County Councils (Kenya), Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) Namibia and in partnership with different Conservancies of the Mara Ecosystem.

We are grateful for the generous support of our Project to:

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  • Cheetah Conservation Fund, Namibia ( and in particular Dr.Laurie Marker – Founder and Executive Director of the CCF, pioneer in Cheetah Conservation, for continuous comprehensive support  to ensure the ongoing success of our long-term research and conservation work.
  • Cat Haven Project Survival ( for their long-term support of our Cheetah Research  and donations of the monitoring and recording equipment for our field teams. Project Survival’s Cat Haven is a non-profit organization, which promotes the conservation and preservation of wild cats in their native habitat by educating visitors and raising funds for the conservation projects in range countries.
  • Roman Balaz – passionate wildlife photographer and a conservation enthusiast, who dedicates his talents to create awareness about endangered and vulnerable species with an extension in supporting their conservation. Under his leadership, the Roman Wildlife Foundation  ( has  continuously supporting our scientific research by purchasing valuable monitoring equipment, thus facilitating the achievement of important objectives that are crucial for in situ conservation of cheetahs.
  • Ron Magill – dedicated conservationist, who makes significant contributions to different conservation and education initiatives around the globe through The Ron Magill Conservation Endowment ( – the Fund he created to support conservation efforts in the wild areas where the animals exhibited at Miami zoo, naturally exist. A new research vehicle donated to our project by The Ron Magill Conservation Endowment and Zoo Miami Foundation ( allows the Project team to conduct more research and education activities in the areas of operation.
  • Ron Magill,  Founder and Director of The Ron Magill Conservation Endowment, Nikon Ambassador; NIKON U.S.A. ( and in particular Michael F. Corrado, Bill Moore (Zoological Society of Florida), Zoo Miami ( and in particular Eric J. Stephens (Director of the Zoo Miami), Frank Ridgley (MDPR), Stacy Fiorentinos, Adam Murphy, Jean Kung’u and Lori Charles of Classic Escapes (, Robert Cullens of Classic Safaris, John P. Chapo (President/CEO of the Lincoln Children’s Zoo), Rachel Watkins Rogers (MDPR), Jennifer Nelson (MDPR), Ana Veiga Milton, Carol J. Kruse (MDPR) and Jennifer Lindsley (MDPR) for their generous donation to our project of valuable photo equipment for cheetah monitoring.
  • Pollman’s tours and safaris ltd. for providing the HF Radio to our project. Radio communication strengthened our field work. During the first week of using the Radio, we found 3 new cheetahs and were quickly pulled out of the water when got stuck at the crossing. Also we would like to thank all Pollman’s tour-drivers who willingly share with us their experience, news on cheetah sightings and provide assistance in an emergency.
  • Brian Freeman and  FREEMAN SAFARIS ( for providing our research team with valuable equipment for cheetah monitoring.
  • Manager and administration of the Mara Naibor Camp ( for their significant financial and continuous informational support of our research.
  • NIKON Corporation, which is not only famous for its excellent products, but also for supporting environmental conservation activities conducted by non-profit organizations and non-government organizations and for working towards the environmental enlightenment of the next generation. We thank NIKON Middle East FZE, NIKON Corporation in East and Central Africa ( and their representatives: Gopala Krishnan, Sharma Sunny, Blossom Furtado, Talwar Akshay, Narendra Menon and Sawhney Rohit for their support of wildlife conservation by donation of NIKON COOLPIX digital cameras for cheetah monitoring.
  • Peter Balunek (USA) and Satao Wildlife Foundation ( for the comprehensive and continuous support of our research and generous donations of valuable equipment to our Project.
  • Allen & Joy Knight of the The Allen & Joy Knight Family Foundation (Canada) for their significant support of our field research and conservation activities.
  • Carol Petersen, Founder and Director of the Nature Encounters Tours & Travel (Nature Encounters Tours & Travel) and Sheri Fazleabas, Director of the A&S Signature Journeys for their comprehensive support to our Project.
  • Galina Krumkacheva (M.Bio, PhD) – Managing Director of KenRuss Medics Ltd. ( for printing education materials for the Mara driver-guides and for her comprehensive long-term support.
  • Herman Yeou-Iih Teng  (Taiwan)– Director of Hans Travel ( for the long-term significant support of our Project research activities and purchasing research equipment.
  • Margot Raggett ( – British wildlife photographer who spends up to three months a year in Kenya. In March 2015, Margot initiated  campaign to assist our Project in purchasing funds necessary for printing educational Kids book for the Mara community schools. The event became very successful and allowed us printing significant amount of books! Margot is a regular photographer in residence at Entim Camp ( in the Maasai Mara where she teaches beginners how to improve their wildlife photography.
  • Dr. Meagan Dewar (Australia) – marine biologist and microbial ecologist for her generous donation to our research project.
  • Sarah O’Neill (Canada) – a photographer and graphic designer ( for supporting our research by donating from each sale of her great Masai Mara 2017 calendar. (
  • Amal Shah – Corporate Development Director of KINGSWAY Group Limited ( for the generous assistance in purchasing tires for our research vehicle and the car maintenance.
  • Bharat Patel – Manager of the Text Book Centre at Sarit Centre ( for providing us with necessary office items.
  • Josef Anschau (Germany) for purchasing valuable equipment for our research.
  • Administration and all pupils of Lee Richmond Elementary School, Jefferson Elementary School and Vang Pao Elementary School (USA) for their generous donation which assisted in purchasing cheetah monitoring equipment.
  • Mark Peters (Canada) – Senior Marketing and Admissions Manager of International College of Manitoba (icm) and Mr. Imran Chaudhrey for donation which helped us to purchase GPS equipment.
  • International Education Centre: INTO University of East Anglia; University of Sussex; International College of Manitoba and Australian Education Consultants: Edith Cowan University; Perth Institute of Business and technology; Curtin University for donation of equipment.




  • Brian Heath — Chief Executive Officer of Mara Conservancy / Mara Triangle (
  • Calvin Cottar — Director of Cottars Wildlife Conservation Trust ( of Ol Derikesi Conservancy
  • Doug Braum — Manager of the Olderkesi Community Conservancy and Cottar’s Wildlife Conservation Trust (
  • Salim Mandela Mandere – Manager of the Olerai Conservancy (
  • Evans Sitati – Manager of the Mara Siana Conservancy (
  • Daniel Kipeen – Manager of the Lemek Conservancy (
  • Thomas Muema – Manager of the Nashulai Conservancy (
  • Rebekah Karimi – Manager of the Enonkishu Conservancy (
  • Andrew Stuart – Managing Director of Orion Hotels Ltd at Isaaten Conservancy
  • Doris Nabaala – Manager of the Ol Choro Oirowua Conservancy
  • Samwel Kararei – Manager of the Mara Ripoi Conservancy
  • Jackson Sasine – Manager of the Pardamat Conservation Area
  • Angus Turnner – Manager of the Olarro Conservancy (
  • James Ole Lesadoi, Coordinator of Maasai-Mara Cultural Village Tour Association (MMCVTA) for cooperation
  • Marc Goss — Director of Programs at Mara Elephant Project in the Mara North Conservancy (
  • We express our deep gratitude to Sun Africa Hotels authorities, Stephen Mpaayei – general manager of Keekorok Lodge, and Joseph Ole Tira – general manager of G&G Hotels  for wonderful accommodation and continuous support.

The Project team receives significant support from the following Companies, Mara Camps and Lodges which assist our Project in different ways and which guides help us spotting cheetahs in the remote areas of Maasai Mara, help our field team to monitor and conserve cheetahs and provide our Project with photo materials for building Mara Cheetah Pedigree:

We thank you all for promoting Cheetah Conservation and generous support of our research, and for coordinating work of griver-guides with our field team and collecting cheetah photographic materials for the Mara Cheetah Pedigree.

We express our deep gratitude to Raheel Mahmood Bagha, Abed Mutinda and Francis Wambua Nzomo – manager and the staff of SIR HENRY’s shop at WESTGATE for saving life of Elena Chelysheva and other visitors on the day of a terrorist attack in the shopping Mall on September 21.

On the photo: September 21, 2013 – after 5 hours of hiding, Dr. Elena is leaving the building


  • We are thankful to Peter Barber (Canada) for his generous support of this web-site. His experience and knowledge has been a huge contribution to its success. He has also donated his photo of the running cheetah for information panel, dedicated to the project and placed on the wall of Cheetah House at the Moscow zoo (Russia).
  • We thank Mary Wykstra (Kenya) – ACK director for provided assistance and advice for project development and affiliations both within Kenya and internationally.
  • We thank Dr. Stephanie M. Dloniak (Kenya) – Wildlife Biologist and Science Writer, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Zoology at Michigan State University for her scientific and practical advice on various aspects of the project. We highly appreciate that Stephanie has shared with us extensive knowledge of animal behavior, as well as data collected during her Carnivore research in the Mara. Complete database of individuals, observed by Stephanie in 2005, substantially complemented family tree of Mara cheetahs.
  • Federico Veronesi (Kenya) – great photographer and big cat safari expert leading special photographic safaris ( We are deeply grateful to Federico for kindly giving us hundreds of unexceptionable cheetah pictures taken in 2004-2011, and for continues providing us new cheetah images. Also Federico has donated some of his best cheetah photos for the information panels and booklets dedicated to our Project.
  • Geet Chana (Kenya) – Director of Australian Education Consultants (AEC, – for generous comprehensive support of our project and for sharing her vast photographic data on cheetahs of the Mara.
  • Dmitry Fridman (USA)  – great wildlife photographer and traveler, who provided us wonderful pictures of African predators for the Project information panels
  • Issa Mtungi (Kenya) – experienced tour-guide and wildlife expert leads tours at «Big Safari Services» famous by his passion for cheetahs, unexceptional knowledge of the Mara and care for its wildlife. We thank Issa for assistance in preparing some aspects of this project.
  • We would also like to thank Edwin Nyamanga – general manager of Mara Ashnil Camp for his generous assistance with fixing our project car.


Axel Lohwasser of Mara Kilima Camp; David Mboko of Mara Entim Camp, Douglas Nagi of Cottar’s 20’s Camp, Stephen Keriga of Fairmont Lodge; Edwin K. Mirara of Mara Intrepids and Mara Explorer Camps, Francis Msengeti of Sarova Mara Game Camp, George Murray of Little Governors Camp, Alisa Bowen of the Governor’s Camps Collection; Hamisi Mwalele of Oloshaiki Camp, James Koileken of Mara Simba Lodge, Jose Serrano Olivares of Enkewa Mara Camp; James Koileken of the Mara Simba Lodge; Tana Pike and Taro Croze of the Cottars 2oth Camp; Joseph Ole Koyie of Olonana Sanctuary, Joseph Ole Tira of G&G Hotels, Jay and Munir of Mara Eden Safari Camp;  Karl von Heland of Entomoto Safari Camp, Lasiti Kerore of Fig Tree Camp,  Magdelle Dempers and Milka Kerubo of Bateleur Camp, Michiel Reinecke of Mara Leisure Camp, Paul Chaulo of Mara Serena Lodge, Patrick Reynolds of Il Moran Camp, Peter and Gerda Simon of Aruba Mara Camp, Philip McLellan,  and Dave Richards of the Governors’ Camp,  Rimoine Ole Kararei of Entumoto Safari Camp, Saigilu Ole Looseyia (Jackson) of Nomadic Encounters, Steve Nzuki of Mara Explorer Camp, and managers and guides of following Mara Lodges and Camps: Aruba, Ashnil, Cottar’s, FigTree, Ilmoran, Intrepids, Kichwa Tembo,  Mara Eden, Matira Bush Camp, Mara Leisure, Melting Pot, Oloshaiki, Porini, Sarova, Simba, Sopa, Tipilikwani for their great support.

We would like to thank Peter Manyeki who appeared from nowhere in the dark and fixed our clutch, ensuring the opportunity to return home that night of 2014. We are also grateful to Robert Chebusit – a guide from the Mara Governor’s Camp for fixing the research vehicle on our way to the cheetah family, which enabled us to collect more behavioral data that day in July 2016.


  • Maasai-Mara Governors Camp ( and in particular Ariana Grammaticas, Alisa Bowen, Camp Managers Philip and Katie Mclellan, and Dave Richards – for promoting Cheetah Conservation and generous support of our research by coordinating work of griver-guides with our field team and collection of cheetah photographic materials for the Mara Cheetah Pedigree
  • Dr. Stephanie M. Dloniak (Kenya) – for sharing with us photo data collected in 2003 – to date
  • Dr. Asuka Takita (Kenya) – Veterinarian/Canine Unit Supervisor at the Mara Conservancy ( for sharing her valuable photos of cheetahs from the Mara Triangle
  • Aatish and Aashit Patel (Kenya) – Managing Directors of APEX PHOTO SAFARIS ( for sharing their wonderful collection of cheetah photographs (
  • Alison Mees – manager of the Mara Elephant Papper Camp for updating on all cheetah sightings in her area of operation and professional photos for identification of cheetah individuals
  • Anthony Ole Tira (Kenya) and Monika Braun – managers of Matira Bush Camp in the Masai-Mara National Reserve (, who has shared with us his photos of female with a cub, taken in 2012 and provive us with photos from their safaris
  • Bushtops Safari Camp ( – Managers Dario Urbani and Lawrence Abura for providing us updates on cheetah sightings in remote areas of the Mara
  • Chantal Migongo-Bake (Kenya) — Manager, Conservation & Corporate Social Responsibility, Gamewatchers Safaris Ltd. ( for sharing cheetah images taken in different years in the Mara
  • Chiho Wada (Japan) – wildlife photographer and documentalist for sharing her great cheetah images taken in the Mara in different years and various locations
  • Daniel Beckwith (Germany) – Transworld Balloon Safaris pilot, who loves Mara and cares for cheetahs, has generously shared his pictures of 3 different cheetahs taken by himself and his wonderful wife Joyce in 2012. Their photos of female F3 (Saba’s daughter) family from July 2012 helped us to estimate the age of her 3 cubs, who have grown up and are trying to hunt with their mother
  • David Lloyd (USA) – wildlife photographer and photographic safaris guide for sharing his great images (
  • Diana Carr (UK) – for hospitality and generous assistance by sharing her wonderful pictures
  • Deanna Russell (USA), Noemie Lamon (Switzerland) and Erica Hermsen (USA) – young biologists who generously shared with us their valuable cheetah videos and pictures taken in the Mara in 2011- 2012. With the help of these pictures we identified 5 new adult cheetahs
  • Dhruv Shah (Kenya) — for his wonderful photos of the Mara cheetahs
  • Douglas Nagi (Kenya) — Manager of Cottars Mara Camp for his wonderful photos of different cheetahs spotted in remote areas of the Mara
  • Federico Veronesi (Kenya) –  ( for sharing with us cheetah photo data collected in 2004-to date
  • Geet Chana (Kenya) – Director of Australian Education Consultants (AEC, – for generous comprehensive support and for her vast photographic materials covering years of 2004-2015
  • Hanne Lindemann, M.Sc. – wildlife biologist who spent half of her life in Africa and has generously shared her professional photos of different cheetahs, especially unique shots of F2 with young cubs
  • Hans-Jorg Specht (Denmark) – for sharing his valuable photographs of cheetahs from 2002 to date
  • Herman Yeou-Iih Teng  (Taiwan)– Director of Hans Travel ( who generously donated his excellent collection of cheetah (and other predators) photos taken in 2002-to date in the Mara
  • Issa Mtungi (Kenya) – excellent tour-guide at Big Safari Services ( who knows where to find big cats and how to approach them, gave us his cheetah pictures taken in 2012-2014
  • Jennifer Ratcliff (Kenya) – Managing Director of Jmar Safaris ( – for her wondeful collection of photos of the Mara cheetahs
  • John Blissett (UK) – Director of Willetts Safaris (, knowledgeble and  passionate tour guide and great photographer – for his enormous contribution to our database  with his informative cheetah photos taken since 2003-to date
  • Laurent Baheux (France) – great wildlife photographer who provided us with perfect images of a new cheetah male coalition
  • Linda VanderMarlie  (USA) – for sharing  her great photos of a new Mara cheetah
  • Marc and Madeleine Gross (Mara North Conservancy) who has generously shared with us their valuable cheetah photos taken in 2011-2013
  • Marta Gras Maymi, Jose Serrano Olivares – operation managers, Rosa Niero Vega – assistant manager at Enkewa Mara Camp ( – wildlife enthusiasts and conservation supporters for very informative images of different cheetahs photograghed in 2011-2013
  • Maureen Thomas for her great photos of the Mara cheetahs spotted in different years
  • Michel and Christine Denis Huot – wildlife photographers ( for their wonderful collection of the Mara cheetahs spotted in 2003-to date
  • Onesmus Ole Irungu (Kenya) – tour-guide at Mara Rekero Camp – golden guide level tour driver with 10 years of field experience, big cat enthusiast who shares with us great variety of his images taken in the Mara in 2011-2013.
  • Patrick Remy, Jean Pierre Debusschere (Belgium), Paul Eichenholtz (USA), Adi Shah, Bjorn Baker (UK), Michiel Weber – guest to the Mara, who kindly shared with us their photos of a pair of new Mara cheetahs, which enabled us to prepare identification plates for the future reference
  • Richard Broadley – the Mara guest for providing us with photos of cheetahs of the Mara and Meru, which were taken in different years and help us in building Meru Cheetah Databese and Mara Cheetah Pedigree
  • Robert Mutuku and George Kuluo (Kenya) – accounters at Fig Tree Camp – Mara wildlife enthusiasts for giving us pictures of their favourite big cats.
  • Rowena Lafferty and Sophie Gandrille who kindly sent to our project photos of cheetah Malaika’s family taken in 2008 and 2012 respectively
  • Sally Giles (UK)  –  a retired officer, who fell in love with the Mara in 2002 and since then often comes to Kenya, for  sharing with us her wonderful pictures of several cheetahs, who were photographed in 2005-2014 and made valuable addition to our Database. Some cheetahs turned out to be new to us
  • Sarah and Andy Skinner (UK) – great photographers and conservationists with deep knowledge of the Mara carnovores life and behavior for sharing with us their comprehensive data on cheetahs of the Mara.
  • Sharon Taylor – who has shared with us unique photo and video materials from Mara and Meru, which help us building Meru Cheetah Database and Mara Cheetah Pedigree
  • Simba (China) – Chairman of Mara Conservation Fund for sharing his photos of different cheetahs spotted in the Mara
  • Tony Crocetta (France) — Melting Pot Safaris manager ( for providing us with various cheetah photographs taken in different years
  • William Day (UK) who has generously shared with us his perfect pictures of a very shy female he was lucky to observe in 2013
  • William Hofmeyr (Kenya) — General Manager and Sean Mathews (Kenya) — Assistant Manager of the Olarro Conservancy ( for providing assistance in building cheetah database by sharing their valuable photographicmaterials
  • Yury Kozyrev (Russia) — Director of Wild Patrol Safari ( and Lolita for wonderful photos of different cheetahs spotted in 2013


Abdul Karim (Olonana Sanctuary); Benard Naurori (Leasure Camp); Daniel Ole Soit (Sarova); Daniel Ouma (Kichwa Tembo); Eric Otieno; Fred Wanjau (Hemingways Expeditions); Geremiah Lekoko (Mara Safari Club); Henry (Entim Camp), Jacob Lelesara (Governors Camp); Jackson Sayialel and Johnmark Kisemei (Porini Lion Camp); Joseph Ntari (Jmar Safaris); Joseph Ole Koyie (Olonana Sanctuary);  John Ole Siololo, Leonard (Governors); Isaak Kasura (Entomoto Safari Camp); Ken Kinoti (Cottar’s 1920s); Peter Carpenter (Bushtops); Peter Koileken (Simba); Philip Mbeke (Bushtop Camp); Joshua Lepapa Loonkushu (Keekorok); Martin Weru (Somak Safaris); Moses Manduku and Leonard (Main Governors); Renato Giuliani; Robert N Bwire and Timothy Ole Kiok (Kichwa Tembo); Vincent and Dennis (Intrepids); Willy Mundia (Mt.Elgon Expeditions); George Mbugua; Antony Odhiambo; Eric Otieno (Eric Wildlife Photography) and many more guides from the Maasai Mara Ecosystem.


Андрей Корабельников; Aaron J; Adi Shah; Alan Binks; Aleksandra Brodovskaya; Alex Haidas, Ansley Kahn; Dinos Haidas, Stavros Haidas and Thalia Chryssikou; Alexandra Miller; Alison, Phil, Tina and Paul Levett; Altaf Sarangi; Andres Revesz; Andrew and Martine Hoogendyk; Andrew Nation and Carol Maddocks; Andrey Tymtsunik; Andria Cunningham; Andy Gordon; Andy Sounders; Angelika and Kim Rosko; Anjanette Paul; Anne, Phil and Nancy Sturtevant; Annick Bouvoie; Annie Eagle; Arnaud Wattiez; Arturo Pacifico; Ayanda Mutere; Ayesha Grewal and Neel Soni; Axel and Christiane Jungblut; Ayanda and Julia Mutere; Barbra Durvin; Ben Allen; Ben and Rebecca Thomas;  Bicc Miccer; Bill and Mike Warren; Biri Billa; Brandon Hulst; BJorn Baker; Breht Cormik; Brenda Wood; Brent Cormic and Sonia Hooykaas;  Britget Wilson; Bryony Aust; Cahit ucok; Carlos Mendoza; Carolle Smith, Carolyn and Tony Cave; Catherine Merlin; Cathrine Sejberg and Christian Jensen; Cecilia Hermansson; Christina Kramlich; Christina Marquart; Christa Rohricht;  Christopher Lewis; Clare Booth; Colin Martin; Cordula and Hubert Schnatterer;  Danielle Rubens; Dara and Tony Cave; Dave and Liz Roberts; David Gulden; David Kinsella;  Dennis Nyakeri; Derek and Sally; Des and Rosh; Diane Handerson; Dirk;  Dipen Chudasama; Donnie and Lucia MacIsaac;  Elijah Cheruiyot; Elisa Revuelta Rojo; Elizabeth Cochrane; Elke Jalzkovski; Eloisa Callender; Faizal Jeraj; Felicia Kasa; Felix Cheu; Florian Kälber; Frances Read; Frans Hakkenberg and Miranda van der Burg; Gabriel; Gautam Singh Ghai; Geda Krzysztof; Geet Chana and Manul Shah; George Murray; George Omondi; Gigi Duncan; Gilbert Grumetz; Gillian Semple; Gitte and Michael Egholm; Graham Steane; Gregor Bergquist; Gurcharan Roopra; Gven Macnamara; Hari Santharam; Hayley and Michael Pitts; Henk and Marianne Bogaard; Henry Duchenne; Heleen Anhema; Hsteh Tsung-Yo and Ching-Chun Lin; Ian Marshall; Iris Van Noort; Isabelle De Sa; Izaskun Corral; Jack Prominski; Jackie Downey; Jag Virclee; Jag and Ricky Mankoo; Jack Denver; Jayant Manerkar; James Joseph; Jason Judge; Jean Paul; Jean Sloman; Jean-Pierre Debusschere; Jed Loveday; Jeff Cernyar; Jennie Nyman; Jessika Higgins; Jim DeMeerleer; Joanne Roberts; Joel Sankok; Johan Martensson; John Cluley; John Rickards; Jordi Rawl; Josef Anschau; Jost Rinderknecht; Joyce Clifford; Judi Doling; Julia Lutz; Julia Sanner;  Kambe Shumpei; Kate Baxter; Kathrin Blumenstein; Kathryn Sowerbutts; Kiell Alexandersson; Kim ter Horst; Kiram Patel; Kitt Immel; Kristen Marion; Laauthida Srinarula;  Lars Kristensen; Laura Perley; Lauren Gray and Paul Morrill; Leleen Anhema; Leslie-Ann Drummond; Linda VanderMarliere; Lynda Rickards; Madeleine Day; Madhavaranga Menasandra; Margaret and Lewis Small; Margret Meyer; Maria Tol-Fakkar; Mario Martos Rueda; Marilyn Jones and Mitchell Kaplan; Mario Martos Rueda; Marius von Bentzel; Marius Kleisch; Mark Harrell; Mark Smeltz; Martine Van Quekelberghe; Mary Ellen Wexler; Maryam Toossi; Matt Westruoneland and Lucy Wycliffe-Jones;  Maureen Thomas; Maya Patra;   Melda Koksel; Melissa Orders; Meshack Sayialel; Michael Coath; Michael Gonzales and Dustin Di Giulio; Michael Matu; Michael Petropavlovsky; Michiel Weber;  Miguel Perez; Natalia Garcia; Naresh and Vedant Thacker;  Neil Purkess; Nelda Vilines; Dr. Neta Moye; Nick Hartgroves; Nirmalya Banerjee; Nirmalya Banerjee; Oliver Worsley;  Olli Teirila; Pascal, Laurence, Maude, Romain, Antoine and Elisabeth Pusard; Patrick Remy; Paul Eichenholtz; Paul Raphael; Paul Sandcraft; Philip Mbeke; Philip and Carol Edwards; Phyllis Foster and Roberta Perlis; Petalyn Halgreen; Peter Baumann; Philip English;  Philip Mbeke; Pierluigi and Viola Barbaro; Petalyn Halgreen; Phil West; Reem and Silwa Baggash; P.Remy; Ramua Vencat; Rashmi and Saran Vaid; Renato Giuliani; Riccardo Cugildi; Richard Gress; Rika and Masaaki Funada; Robert Gill; Robert N. Bwire; Robert Swallow; Rodrigo Ciannella; Ros Perkins; Roxan Charieston; Ruchika Singhal; Sabine Lams; Dr. Sachin Marda; Sachin Sumaria; Sally Giles;  Sam Cook; Sanath and Padma Jaishankat, Santi Fernandez and Silvia Castells; Sarah Smith; Sara Viviani; Sarika Mod, Shankar Vasudeva; Shashank Rajkumar, Sameer Wadwa; Santiago Garcia; Sergey Timoshenko; Shyam Patra, Sanjeeb Patra and Kavitha Rao; Jean Sloman; Sharon Taylor; Shawna and Dolores Vande Brink; Shrestthar;  Dr. Shyam Sakhuja;  Simon Betancourt; Simran Marwa-Hindocha; Soffi Cristina Rendon; Sophie Gandrille; Stephanie Simonnet; Stephanie Witt; Stewart and Traci Angus; Stewart Barnaro; Suzanne DeSouza; Thibault Devanlay; Thorsten Hanewald; Trond Hugo Stenseth; Tyler Hulst; Vedricki; Vignesh Iyer; Vikram and Rhea Mehta, Vikrant and Rishitu Derasari; Vincent Zhvana Xiao; Wilfried Van Schoote, Christine De Cock and Nathalie Van Landuyt,  Wim Kottier; Will Croft; Yann Gosselin and Zachary; Yulia Jennings; Yuonne Yanssen and many more guests for sharing with us their valuable photographs of different cheetahs spotted in various areas. Some of these cheetahs were new to us, and some considered being lost for more than a year.

We deeply appreciate your support!