Maasai Mara and we have suffered a great loss – on February 12, our colleague and friend Tipayo Mpoke Oloisuya, our dear Jonah, suddenly passed away of a heart attack. As a true Ranger, he died at work, while monitoring cheetahs to whom he was devoted wholeheartedly. Johnah has become the Chief Ranger of the new Cheetah Monitoring and Protection Team formed by Narok County, which we have been working with since day one. Thanks to the hard work of the team, and to a large extent to Johnah’s uncompromising, strong character, his responsibility and passion for cheetahs, Nashipai saved all four cubs, which happened in the Reserve for the first time since the 2020 lockdown. Jonah always took animal welfare matters to heart, caring deeply for every animal he monitored. The last month has been especially difficult. At first, the female Kisaru, with whom the team spent many days, died, and Jonah participated in the rescue of her cub Lekisaru, sincerely rejoicing that the cub remained in the Mara. And since yesterday, he has been tirelessly monitoring Olonyok after treating his injury. Jonah was very worried about the future of the male. In his big and kind heart there was enough room for everyone, man and animals. And it’s impossible to believe that this wonderful heart has stopped forever. On behalf of our team, I offer my deepest condolences to Jonah’s family, relatives, colleagues and friends. I am proud and grateful for the opportunity to work with such a wonderful person, learn, share and experience victories and sorrows together. And keeping the bright memory of you, we, together with your colleagues, will continue to preserve the cheetahs of the Mara, whom you sincerely loved and to whom you devoted so much effort and care. Blessed memory of you, you will always be with us.